A Chipped Dental Crown Requires Professional Dental Care

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A dental crown is typically fashioned from durable dental materials such as gold alloy, base metals, or a special dental grade porcelain-ceramic. This is meant to rival the strength of natural tooth enamel to restore a significantly compromised tooth.

Even though these materials are known for their durability, it is still possible to chip a dental crown. Potential causes might include an accidental blow to the mouth during sports or an accidental fall in the home. People who grind their teeth while sleep and fail to use a dental guard could also be at increased risk of suffering a damaged dental crown.

Should something happen to one of your dental crowns, you should not delay seeking treatment from a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Daniel Sahutske.

If the dental work was chipped yet the anchoring abutment is still healthy, they might be able to simply fit you into a new dental crown. If the abutment was also traumatized to some degree they might need to perform a root canal to restore enough dental structure to anchor a new dental crown.

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