A Dental Implant Can Effectively Replace a Tooth Lost to an Untreatable Dental Trauma

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The American Association of Endodontists notes that every year nearly five million teeth are knocked out due to accident or injury. While some of these teeth can be implanted back in the socket or treated by a root canal, not all cases of severe dental trauma can be viably treated.

If a tooth or the surrounding oral structure has been severely compromised. Our skilled dentists, Dr. Daniel Sahutske and Dr. Donna Sahutske might recommend extracting the remnants and suturing your gums. Afterward, they will likely provide you with a prescription for any necessary pain medication.

Once your gums have healed your dentist can help you choose whether you’d like to replace the missing tooth with a dental bridge, or start the process of fully replacing the tooth with a dental implant.

A dental implant restoration starts with your dentist performing a minimally invasive oral surgery to install a titanium dental implant into the healthy bone structure. As time passes the titanium material will gradually fuse with the living bone tissues in the area. Once this is done, your dentist can prepare an abutment capable of anchoring a dental crown.

If you live in the Oxford, Michigan, area and you have just had a tooth knocked out, or you have suffered some other form of severe oral trauma, you should call 248-628-2540 to seek treatment at Oxford Lakes Dental Care.


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