A Denture Adjustment Can Help Address Oral Atrophy

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A dentists like Dr. Daniel Sahutske and Dr. Donna Sahutske will often provide patients with a complete or partial denture to help replicate the basic function of missing or severely compromised teeth. When the denture was constructed in a dental lab, the base was designed to closely match the natural structure of your gums. This helps the unit to fit firmly and comfortably in place.

However, as time passes structural changes in the underlying oral bones can start to affect the firm fit of your denture. This process of oral atrophy can cause your denture to feel increasingly loose with time.

Early on applying extra denture adhesive to the base can help secure the denture in your mouth. Yet as oral atrophy progresses this might prove to be increasingly ineffective. In some cases, this can also cause the base of your denture to rub uncomfortably on your gums.

In a case like this, we might be able to make some minor adjustments to the base of the denture. This might also include realigning some of the teeth to provide the unit with a more comfortable fit and efficient function.

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