Avoid These Drinks for Happier Teeth

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You want to have the brightest, strongest smile possible, so you always do your best to stay on top of your oral hygiene. You brush and floss and come in for regular cleanings. But you should know there are normal beverages you might drink every day that are working against you. Here are a few.

Coffee – It is commonly known that coffee can stain teeth over time. But another hazard comes in how many people drink it. Lots of us get some on the run, drinking it throughout the morning. Remember to rinse your mouth with water to prevent staining and plaque buildup.

Tea – Some teas actually stain more than coffee, believe it or not. Tea can also work to wear away tooth enamel. When enamel is weakened, teeth are more easily stained.

Wine – It is also commonly held that red wine easily stains teeth. What you might not know is that white wine also damages teeth. It is more acidic than red wine and is therefore more corrosive. It can also cause stains of its own.

Sports drinks – These beverages can sometimes contain amounts of sugar and acid that rival soda. Similar to coffee, many people drink these over extended periods without rinsing their mouths. During a workout, consider switching to water.

You don’t have to cut a favorite beverage from your diet just because it is on this list. But take care to effectively clean your teeth after drinking one of these. Using a straw can also help keep material from your teeth. Please call our office in Oxford, MI, with questions or to set an appointment with Dr. Daniel Sahutske today.


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