Caring for Your Dental Implant: The How To!

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You might know that missing a tooth can be embarrassing and can make smiling uncomfortable, but had you heard that missing a tooth can also cause a number of problems? Luckily, there are several restoration options you can—and should—consider using to replace your missing tooth. A dental implant is one of these options. This restoration will allow you to chew and speak comfortably again and will improve the appearance of your smile. Still, there are a few things you’ll need to do if you’d like to enjoy your implant for as long as possible.

If you do decide to have an implant placed, you may experience some discomfort until your implant site heals. While this area is healing, please don’t touch the area around your implant. If you do touch your implant, you could leave yourself more vulnerable to infections. We’ll also give you specific instructions when you visit our team.

Aside from not touching your implant, there are a few other things you’ll need to do to keep your implant strong. For example, you might know that you should brush and floss your implant daily. However, would you be surprised to learn that you should also avoid smoking—especially while your implant site heals? Smoking will slow the healing process and could make your mouth reject your implant completely.

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