Improve Your Smile with Invisalign®

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Did you know there is a fantastic orthodontic aligner system that exists that is clear enough that even your closest friends and family can’t tell you are wearing them? It’s called Invisalign®, and it is a wonderful orthodontic aligner system designed to straighten your smile in a discreet manner. In addition, Invisalign offers these wonderful benefits:

– No Food Restrictions: With Invisalign, there are no food restrictions. Before meals, simply snap the aligner system out of place and re-insert it as necessary after you are done eating.

– Removable Aligners: The Invisalign aligners are fully removable without the assistance of an orthodontist. In addition, if you need a tighter fit, they can easily be replaced as necessary.

– Metal & Wire Free: Thanks to their patented thermoplastic design, there are no metals or wires needed or included in the construction of Invisalign aligners.

– Fully Customizable: Invisalign aligners are designed and fitted to your exact dental profile, ensuring they can give you the maximum benefit in treating your misalignments and straightening your smile.

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