It Is Important to Take Care of Your Toothbrush

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Your toothbrushing habit is only as effective as your toothbrush itself. Here are some things to remember as you care for the tool that keeps your mouth clean.

First, in order for your toothbrush to clean your mouth, you need to make sure it stays clean. Cleaning your toothbrush is easy! Just rinse it out with plain water to remove food particles and debris. Then, leave it to dry out upright in an open-air area.

Second, be sure to store your toothbrush upright in an open area. Closed-off spaces encourage  bacterial growth and can be very damaging to your toothbrush if it is stored there on a regular basis. If you need to store your toothbrush in a closed space for a little while, say for traveling purposes, make sure to take your brush out and dry it out as often as possible.

Third, store your toothbrushes away from other toothbrushes if you can. This will help prevent cross-contamination. If you must store your toothbrush around other toothbrushes, be sure to store them such that their heads don’t touch. When toothbrush heads touch, bacteria spreads from brush to brush. Those germs eventually end up in your mouth. This is bad for your oral health.

Fourth, never share your toothbrush with anyone else, not even family. Sharing brushes is incredibly dangerous to your oral health, as it spreads bacteria, food particles, infection, and a plethora of diseases. Your toothbrush is yours, and yours alone. If anyone else uses your toothbrush, throw it away immediately and get a new one.

Lastly, support your toothbrush’s efforts by visiting the dentist regularly. Visiting the dentist will allow problems to be caught early, as well as to allow your teeth to be professionally cleaned. This will help prevent plaque build-up, called tartar, and assist in preventing tooth decay. If you are in the Oxford, Michigan area, call Oxford Lakes Dental Care at 248-628-2540 to set your next appointment! Dr. Daniel Sahutske and our team will be happy to see you.


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