Make Brushing Fun by Doing These 5 Things

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If your child struggles to brush their teeth, we have some suggestions you might want to try to make brushing a fun and enjoyable activity!

Hum a tune
Have your child hum a two minute tune they know and love while they brush their teeth. Better yet, hum along with them! You two can be a two-person band that rocks out in the bathroom twice a day. As you hum and brush, encourage your child to get more involved by moving their lips, tongue, and jaw. That way, they will clean their teeth at different angles.

Create a bubble machine
Convince your child that they are a bubble machine. The more they scrub, the more bubbles they will make! During the two minutes, see how many bubbles your child can create. This will be fun for your child and it will also deeply clean their mouth!

Make it a family activity
Make brushing your teeth a family activity, even with the dog! Get everyone in the bathroom and begin brushing your own teeth. Then, after 30 seconds or so, switch and brush each other’s teeth! Take turns rotating, and if you decide to brush the dog’s teeth, make sure to use a different brush and wash your hands after.

Play music
Get an old stereo and keep it in the bathroom. While your child brushes, play a two minute song that they enjoy. Then, watch them dance, sing, and brush while they clean their chompers. You can also join in on the activity and make it a mini tooth-brushing party!

Use an hourglass
Children are fascinated with hourglass timers. If you use an hourglass rather than a digital timer, your child will enjoy watching the sand drop from one end of the glass to the other while they brush their teeth.

For more tips and tricks to brushing your teeth, call our office today. We are happy to help you make brushing more exciting and fun!


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