Repairing a Small Cavity With a Filling

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The bacteria in your mouth work quickly to exploit even the smallest area of weakened tooth enamel. Once a small area of tooth decay develops, it can quickly grow into something more serious. If you notice an area on one of your teeth that has a change in texture or color, or it gives you pain when chewing or brushing, it might mean a cavity has formed.

Fortunately, small cavities that are caught early can be repaired by having Dr. Daniel Sahutske apply a basic filling.

The process starts with a thorough examination of the tooth in question, which includes taking a series of X-rays. This helps to assess the extent of the decay and the amount of enamel that needs to be removed to repair it.

Dr. Daniel Sahutske will then numb the area with Novocaine before using a drill to remove the decay enamel from the rest of the tooth.

We use mercury-free fillings. Mercury has been an ingredient in amalgam fillings for decades. Instead, we apply more cosmetic fillings using safe, non-toxic ingredients.

If you suspect that you have a cavity on one or more of your teeth, you need to call Dr. Daniel Sahutske at your earliest convenience at 248-628-2540 to schedule an appointment. Repairing the cavity early greatly reduces you chance for complications.


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