Saliva Has a Purpose

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Have you ever wondered what the point of saliva is? Well, aside from helping break down the food you eat, it has some pretty important things to do in regards to your oral health. Without enough of it, your oral health can actually noticeably suffer.

What does it do?

When you eat foods that stimulate saliva production (vegetables are great at this, as is fruit and a few other grains) your mouth gets a great health boost. This comes from the fact that saliva is a natural part of your body’s function that helps eliminate bacteria in your mouth.

Specifically, it helps remove plaque and break down bacteria known for causing tooth decay. Without enough saliva production on a daily basis, you’ll see a noticeable decline in your oral health. If it seems odd that saliva is so important to your oral health, don’t worry – a lot of people are surprised to learn about this little-known fact!

What can I do?

If you want to stimulate more saliva production, you can make sure your diet is wholesome. With a good diet that contains a hefty portion of vegetables and fruit, you’ll have more than enough saliva stimulants to keep your teeth healthy.

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