Smile-Harming Thanksgiving Foods

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Do you want a strong and healthy smile this Thanksgiving? If so, then you need to avoid the tooth-harming foods and drinks available on the dinner table. That’s right: There are Thanksgiving products that can negatively affect your smile. To help you avoid these things, our dentist, Dr. Daniel Sahutske, is happy to list them.

The first foods and drinks to avoid are those that are high in sugar. This includes cookies, cake, soda, fruit cake, and more. Sugar is a big culprit of cavities. The more sugar you consume, the higher chance you have of suffering tooth decay. So, it’s best to limit your sugar intake or at least rinse your mouth with water or brush your teeth after consuming something that is filled with sugar.

The second foods and drinks you should avoid are those that are acidic. This is important because acid attacks the tooth enamel and wears it away. When it’s weakened like this, it is vulnerable to tooth decay and it can even cause tooth sensitivity. So, try to avoid acidic foods and drinks this Thanksgiving or at least rinse your mouth with water after consuming them. Don’t brush your teeth for at least 30 minutes after having something acidic.

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