Taking Care of Your Back Teeth

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Even if you are the best of brushers, there are some places your toothbrush just does not clean very well. Those places are between the ridges of your molars and premolars. Those ridges are called cusps, and their job is to help you chew your food so that you can swallow and digest it. Food particles, plaque, bacteria and acid all cause tooth decay and bad breath, and those are the very substances that make their homes in between the cusps of your back teeth.

Fortunately, our dentistss, Drs. Sahutske and Sahutske, have a plan for that. That plan is called dental sealants. To apply dental sealants, the dentist will clean and dry your back teeth. Then they will apply a mild acidic solution to create tiny abrasions on the chewing surfaces of your back teeth. Those abrasions will help the sealant hold. Then the dentist will apply the sealant. The sealant is a thin layer of plastic that will protect your tooth enamel from the attacks by plaque, acid, and bacteria. The whole process can be done in a single visit, and is painless. Although sealants protect the chewing surfaces of your teeth, you will still need to brush, floss, and see your dentist for your routine cleanings and exams. Although children are usually the recipients of dental sealants, adults who want to protect their teeth or who are prone to cavities may also be good candidates for sealants.

If you would like to know more about dental sealants or just want to take that extra step to protect your molars or premolars, or those of your child, our dentistss will be happy to see you! If you live in the Oxford, Michigan, area, call 248-628-2540 to plan your visit to Oxford Lakes Dental Care.


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