Your Child’s Molars and Premolars Can Be Protected from Tooth Decay by Dental Sealants

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In general, your child’s primary teeth should be completely replaced by their 32 permanent teeth by mid-adolescence. These teeth will need to serve them for the rest of their adult life. So, taking some simple preventative measures now will help reduce their chances of suffering from tooth decay in the long term.

This certainly starts by encouraging a consistent daily oral hygiene routine of brushing their teeth twice per day and flossing at least once. If your son or daughter struggles to thoroughly clean the biting surfaces of their back teeth by brushing, bacterial deposits could start to collect in the textures of the tooth enamel.

If it’s not addressed in a reasonable amount of time these demineralized areas of tooth enamel could start to develop a large area of tooth decay.

If our dentists, Dr. Daniel Sahutske and Dr. Donna Sahutske notice a problem like this they might recommend applying dental sealants to the biting surfaces of your son or daughter’s molars and premolars. This can be done immediately following their routine dental checkup to ensure the tooth enamel is completely clean of plaque and food particles.

Next, they will use a special ultraviolet light is used to harden the resin and fully bond the dental sealants to the healthy tooth enamel. This will create a thin clear barrier that prevents bacteria from gaining direct access to the underlying tooth enamel. The dental sealants are very durable and can help to protect the biting surface of their back teeth for up to ten years.

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